The Club Car Current electric utility truck fills the gap between full-sized trucks and smaller utility carts. Its all-electric design features the latest technology for power, comfort and safety – giving you the durability of a pickup truck with the sleek design and efficiency of an electric vehicle. The Club Car Current is available in three different configurations, pickup, flatbed, and van box.

The Current electric pickup truck can be equipped with several accessories to help boost productivity including a ladder rack, and a Tommy Gate for easy loading of heavy items. Enhance driver comfort with an optional airflow kit. Differentiate your Club Car Current with customizable exterior graphics. 

Featuring a 13.4 HP electric motor and payload capacity up to 1,246 lbs., the Current tackles any job with ease while helping your campus or facility meet its zero-emissions goals for transportation. With a footprint smaller than traditional utility trucks, the Current allows you to get around campus with flexibility and adaptability you won’t get in a van or full-sized vehicle. Its automotive design includes an updated dashboard displaying vehicle health, speedometer, in-car radio, and ventilation systems.

The Current features a unique Cab-over design, increased payload, and automotive features that provide a sensible solution for truck replacement. It features enhanced maneuverability, an optional GPS locator with geofencing capability, a standard backup camera, and is available in three different configurations to meet your specific needs.