Yamaha Drive / G29 Golf Cart TINTED Windshield NEWLY RE-ENGINEERED - THE BEST

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This is a newly redesigned windshield.

This particular style is Tinted- the pictures showing the cart outside is fog/mist on them

This simply has 4 nuts and bolts to mount.

No more "GLUES"

No more "plastic bumpers" that fall off

No more plastic retaining pieces

1st measurement photo is a stock windshield at 1/8"

The 2nd measurement is the newly designed windshield

The best fit for a Yamaha Drive/G29

We've had cracked windshields, parts missing, incorrect fit, rubs on the front cowl...  You name it, we've had issues.

This design by far is the best we've seen in 25 years. 

Simple to install, most parts are built right into the plexi-glass as you can see in the pictures.

They are thicker than OEM or other after market, on average we've been getting consistent readings of approx. 300th's of a mil wider.

They are more expensive than everything else out there, but the engineering and design are worth not having to replace every couple years!