The Essentials OEM Golf Cart Care Kit for Club Car, EZ-GO,Yamaha

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Essential Care Kit

4 OEM care products for the golf cart connoisseur who has everything!  Keep your golf car looking shiny, sleek, clean and detailed with everything that's included!

Re-Black:  Restores the appearance of Plastic and Rubber; bumpers, dashboards, scuff guards, fenders, trim pieces and more!  Introducing a new IMPROVED formula with Foam Action. (11 oz, 8"h x 2.625"w) (AM1250101)

Finish Restore:  Powerful Cleaning Action that removes oxidation and black scuff marks.  Thick gel clings to vertical surfaces for those hard to clean areas with high solvency. Multiple applications may be needed depending on the severity of oxidation.  This is not going to remove items that have etched into the paint/bodies.(15 oz, 9.5"h x 2.625"w) (AM1250301)

Battery Terminal Protector:  Produced specifically for golf car wear and tear.  Tinted spray allows you to know what you've covered and what you've missed.  This is a long term corrosion preventative for Gas OR Electric golf cars. Non-Chlorinated, Non tacky, Flexible spray provides an airtight waterproof seal, curtails battery leakage and extends battery life. Coat your battery terminals, exposed parts of wire and battery hold downs.  (14 oz, 9.5"h x 2.625"w) (1014305)

Windshield Cleaner Protectant:  Specially formulated for non-glass golf car windshields.  This formula helps with anti-fog for night and early morning driving, improves visual clarity and helps reduce glare.  Designed specifically for acrylic, Plexiglas and vinyl windows, it will not gloss or haze over your windshield because there is no ammonia. (14 oz, 8"h x 2.625"w) (AM1250001)