Genuine OEM Club Car DS 97+ / Tune-up Kit and Belts for FE290/350 Motor

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Club Car OEM Tune-up Kit and Drive Belt(s) for your 1997 and newer DS or with a FE290/350 motor


  • (1) Starter Generator Belt
  • (1) Drive Belt
  • (1) Air Filter
  • (2) Fuel Filters
  • (1) Oil Filter
  • (1) Spark Plug

How do you know if you have a FE290 or FE350 motor? 

There is a serial # tag located on the driver's side engine shroud that starts out FE290XXXXXXX or FE350XXXXXXX. If that particular serial # is unreadable, look at the spark plug cap. The FE290 looks like your standard automotive spark plug wire cap while the FE350 engine appears to have an extension coming off the spark plug wire cap with a "T" shaped to.