Club Car, Yamaha, EZ-GO Golf Cart Plastic Reconditioning Gel-Dye Kit w/ Video

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Restore your golf cart's black plastic with our special formulated Black Gel-Dye.  Used on over 3,000 golf carts, we can attest that this product works; for more than a month such as silicone based plastic trim restoring products.  This takes more than 5 minutes to do, but the results are what you'd expect. Stop wasting money on "temporary fixes" and get your cart looking as if it rolled off the showroom floor!  This will restore the dyed polymers back into the plastic as if it were new!

Our kit contains:

1 container of 4oz of Black Gel-Dye

1 singular 2-inch foam brush


  1. Things you may want to consider:
  2. Area where you are dying the cart.  If it drips onto porous concrete, rugs, carpet it stains.  Put a piece of cardboard or drop cloth underneath cart.
  3. Rubber gloves.  This stains your fingers for a very long time.  Mineral spirits will remove, but harsh to skin.
  4. Safety glasses.  Definitely don't want this in your eyes!
  5. Plenty of extra paper towel, extra brush, q-tips for hard to reach areas...
  6. Find a piece of laminated paper or thick magazine cover to help "cut in" the cart.  As seen in the video, most of the plastic on Club Car Precedent Golf Carts can have something that fits between the black porous plastic and the smooth surfaced body.
  7. Don't wear anything you'd wear to a funeral or church.  It will ruin your clothes.

  1. Prep Cart
  2. Wash cart and scrub plastic to remove any foreign debris.

  1. Let it air dry

  1. Use rubbing alcohol and wipe down the plastic that you plan on restoring

  1. Let it air dry

  1. Dying Cart (Although there is not chemical smell, do this in a well ventilated area)

  1. Pour out the Gel into container larger enough to fit 2" foam brush - cut in half pop can, soup can - something that will not soak up the Gel and is disposable

  1. Start applying Gel to desired areas until area is completely black.

  1. Depending on climate, Gel is typically dry in 15-30 minutes.

  1. If Gel gets on the smooth surfaces, remove with rag, paper towel, finger...

  1. Do not apply any other chemicals or water to the surface of the cart for 24-48 hours as it is "curing".

  1. Admire what you've just accomplished!

The amount of time to apply the dye can take 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

The dye dries in approximately 15-30 minutes and depending on weather cures within 24-48 hours.  During this period, do not get the gel-dyed surfaces wet - EVER.