Club Car Golf Cart Battery Cable Set. 6 gauge 16" 48v or 36v with battery nuts

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6 gauge battery cable set, 16 inches in length and will work on Club Car Precedent Golf Cart OR DS style golf carts with the 6 battery configuration.  WILL NOT WORK ON THE 4X12V CONFIGURATIONS - cables are too short. 

Included with the cables are (12) 5/8 inch battery nuts to ensure proper connections and voltage flow.  The terminal ends on these cables are 'brazed lug rings'; not the cheap barreled stamped kind, so the connection is solid.

Don't forget to keep the batteries clean! A simple garden hose flowing on top of the batteries should remove most debris and dilute any battery acid that may have dried on your batteries.

Once the new cables have been installed, spray them liberally with battery terminal protector!!!