Tempo Walk

Tempo Walk


Caddies and cars will always have a place in the game. Tempo Walk combines the best that both have to offer by using technology to bring back the simplicity of the game in an exciting, revenue-generating way. The Tempo Walk is a smart way to build new relationships with golfers, improve the pace of play, and generate excitement across the course. 



  • Golfers will get more exercise by walking the course
  • A better experience and an appreciation of the nature and beauty of the course
  • Become an enthusiastic course advocate
  • Advance your golf game
  • Burn over 1,000 calories walking 18 holes



  • 95 pounds
  • 24V VDC motor
  • 4 units fit in 1 golf car space

Runs on state of the art wireless technology controller with improved water proofing. Touchscreen tablet gives golfers precision GPS positioning for exact distance-to-pin yardage. Improved collision sensors with enhanced diagnostic messaging and audible alerts for easy maintenance. Lithium Ion batteries power 36 holes of play with improved energy management [when not in operation].



  • Cooler
  • Cup Holder
  • USB Port
  • Divot Repair Kit



$4,500 per unit

Enjoy the course in a whole new way with the Tempo Walk, your hands-free caddie.

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