When is a Golf Cart Not a Golf Cart?

buy new and used golf carts in michiganSo you’ve made the mental jump and are considering purchasing your OWN new or used golf cart right here in Michigan (or you wouldn’t be reading this, right?) …but what are you planning to DO with it?

The majority of golf-cart-type vehicles are used for, well, golfing. But what if you live just off the course and need street legal? Or you want to run a quick trip to the grocery store or pickleball courts with your golf cart? Maybe you want to head out and check on the back 40 fence row?

Knowing exactly what you want to do with your golf cart will help you decide which type will best suit your needs.

First ask yourself “What will be my primary use for the cart?”

  1. Strictly on the golf course?
  2. Transporting people?
  3. Patrolling properties or doing light maintenance?
  4. Snow plowing and off-road chores?
  5. 4×4 and recreation?
  6. Impress the neighbors?


  1. If it’s back and forth on the course, a 2 or 4-passenger gas or electric golf cart would be a smart choice. Club Car’s Precedent and Onward models fit these needs. Fully customizable, including color, trim, safety accessories, as well as your choice of wheel and tire kits these carts will do well on the way to and from the course but we can’t guarantee it will raise your golf score!
  2. Need to transport wedding guests or shuttle football fans? A 6- or 8-passenger Villager or Precedent by Club Car will give you the power you need with options for either gas or electric. Add-ons like safety equipment, windshields and enclosures, light kits, and even a safety strobe can make this vehicle multi-purpose and year ’round. The Carryall Transporter can handle the job if you need quantity transport without all the added comfort of the Villager.
  3. If you need an efficient means of cruising your property or carrying easy-to-access project supplies, the Carryall 300-700 series offers custom solutions with accessories like tool holders, cab over, gas or electric engines, lights, mirrors, and custom seating. You can even get a lifted option with rugged tile/wheel kits.
  4. If you need a golf cart (that’s MORE than a golf cart) to do some heavy duty work, the Carryall 1500-1700 series with Intellitach is the answer. Intellitach brings you flexible work tools including blade, bucket, and pallet fork, all with easy one-click activation.
  5. From time to time we all just want to have fun and the portable and powerful Carryall 100 can take you from door to lake with everything you need to carry. Or, for a little firmer ride, switch up to the XRT 850 with a limited-slip differential.
  6. Finally, impress the neighbors with the new luxury line of Garia cars inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style. Coming soon in four exclusive models including the Via, street legal up to 25 mph in the USA. The Garia’s standard center console refrigerator and onboard Bluetooth is sure to make this newcomer to the golf cart world a standout. Contact us to ask us more or spec out your own version.

Club Car Custom Solutions include a vehicle to fit your every need. Your golf cart is as different as you are. And you want to fall in love with your new ride, so choose the cart that’s the right fit for your needs and you’ll stay in love for years to come with genuine Club Car parts and authorized service from US Golf Cars, Inc.

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