Golf Car Etiquette: Six Things You May Be Doing Wrong with Your Golf Cart in West Michigan

When was the last time you walked 18? Recently? Then you can skip this article. We’re here to talk about what you’re doing wrong when driving golf carts on the course.

What could be so hard, right? Jump in the cart, turn the key and go? Nope, there’s more to it than that so, if that’s all you know about golf car etiquette…you better keep reading!

Here are 6 things every considerate golf car driver should keep in mind while traversing the course!

  1. Make sure you know how to use the brake! Yes, the cart will come to a stop—eventually—on its own, but if you are on an incline (even a small one) and don’t engage the brake, your cart is going to leave without you. Always set the brake when you exit the cart by stepping firmly on the pedal until you feel it engage. Reverse the process when you’re ready to proceed.
  2. Sharp turns are NOT your friend. Every year, hundreds of serious head injuries occur because a golf car driver takes a turn to sharply and his or her passenger is ejected from the cart. Full speed falls are serious and ANY fall from a moving vehicle has the potential to cause great bodily harm. Really. Hold on to the provided arms and handles when turning, or going up and down hills. They’re there for a reason!
  3. Know where to go. A nice gesture at any course, and an often-enforced rule, is known as the 90-degree rule. The 90-degree rule dictates that you only cross the fairways at a 90-degree angle to get to and from your ball. Drive up even with your ball in the rough, then hang a right or left turn to reach your ball. This protects the fairways from some of the traffic. Try to drive along the rough when you can and ALWAYS drive on cart paths where available.
  4. Follow the rules of the “road.” The same rules that apply to driving a car, apply to driving a golf cart. Stop at stop signs. Give approaching drivers a wide berth or yield to them. Don’t drive carts in marked areas like out of bounds, or that farmer’s field across the street from #5! And always have control of your vehicle.
  5. Never, ever drive across a green or through a sand trap! It would seem to be common sense, but every year, golf course owners incur thousands of dollars in turf and trap damage by careless or joyriding golf car drivers! Give greens and bunkers a break and keep your cart at least 20 ft. away from them.
  6. Don’t park your cart in front of or just off the front of the green when putting. Pull around to the far side or back of the green before you putt. Then, as you leave the green, those behind you can hit up. And, get in the car and go to the next tee box before recording your scores, please!

If you follow these rules of the course, your fellow golfers (and your course owners) will greatly appreciate it. Cart etiquette is important…the rules are to keep YOU safe, yes, but they also protect the COURSE. *Once again, if you regularly walk the course, this story wasn’t for you…why are you still reading?

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*We do have the new Tempo Walk but that’s another story.

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