5 Reasons the Right Wheels and Tires Matter on Your Golf Cart in Michigan!

Street ready? Strictly for the course? Dragging logs at the cottage? Which wheel/tire combo you choose typically depends on what you’ll be doing with your golf or utility cart. Here’s 5 ways to check if you have the right tires and wheels to get the job done.

  1. Besides looking good, well-made tires hold the grip on cornering. No slipping and sliding with the right traction from a tire designed to be used on the road. The KendaTM Club Car Exclusive C254 gives a lower street profile and higher on-street performance with 12-inch wheels.
  2. If you’re using your cart strictly on the course, you’ll want something that won’t tear up the turf and which will give you a smooth, no-bump ride. Transition from turf to cart path is important and long-life is crucial in a turf tire; you don’t want to get a flat on No. 12! Club Car’s Exclusive KendaTM Kraken tires will carry you from green to clubhouse in style and comfort.
  3. Next, you want to choose the right size wheel/tire combo for the vehicle you have. Sure, those cool fat tires look great on a Chevy Chevette, but make sure you have the right size tire for the golf cart or utility vehicle you’re driving and you’ll appreciate the ride and performance. The KendaTM Loadstar® presents the highest ground clearance for a golf cart without using a lift kit and boasts an industry-proven tread pattern to go with a different look.
  4. Headed off-road? You’re going to want a more aggressive tread or “knobby” tires—something that will give you traction in all circumstances. A Club Car Exclusive, the Kraken® features a PATENT PENDING tread pattern that provides off-road grip while reducing road noise.
  5. Your 8-inch wheels are good for a lot of circumstances but to really beef up your off-road tire and wheel package, look for gloss-black finished Atlas or Mercury wheelsin three stock sizes. These wheels pass the SAE automotive aftermarket’s standard for durability, feature an offset design that creates a simpler install on the 4-inch lift kit, and presents the perfect highlight to any golf car.

You know, a great tire produces a better driving experience, but it has to look the part, too. When you’re choosing a wheel/tire package for your golf cart, you want to shoot for a balance between wear and grip. Too aggressive of a tire will wear out faster on pavement. Turf tires, on the other hand, aren’t great for traction. Choose the combination that best suits your needs and give our Parts Department a call to check our stock at 1-800-321-9616, ext. 15.

KendaTM Loadstar® tires for Onward are approved by the Department of Transportation and available in 205/55-10 size to provide the highest possible ground clearance without a lift kit.

All of the tires mentioned meet stringent standards for stability and durability and feature premium compounds for increased tread life.

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